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New Sports Agency is a scouting organization that cooperates with thousands of educational institutions throughout the United States. The cooperation with schools and coaches is based on our competence to evaluate the sports quality of the Clients, to guide them through the entire process of preparations (SAT, TOEFL, NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE) and recommend them to target schools that fit their sports and academic qualities. In that way, coaches get necessary help from us and are able to overcome the obstacles that they might encounter during preparations (SAT, TOEFL, NCAA CLEARINGHOUSE) and they get the right information related to the academic and sports qualities of the athletes, which enables them to make a right decision and offer scholarship to the candidate they like the most.

The long tradition and large number of clients from all over the world that successfully go through our program every year, make us the largest and most successful organization of its kind in Eastern Europe and one of the largest and most successful throughout the continent. A growing number of clients and associates, collaboration with numerous sporting institutions, associations and celebrities, numerous awards and acknowledgments by U.S. educational institutions as well as the daily commendations and recommendations from clients reflect the reputation and superior quality.

Our Vision

Our vision is to help young athletes discover opportunities to enroll in high schools and universities which will provide them with great academic and sport experience and surely leave an everlasting mark on their future.
Our vision is to shape the rest of our Clients’ lives, which is reflected in our slogan: “Shape your future”. Therefore, apply for our program as soon as possible and help us fulfill our vision!